Friday, September 29, 2006

Defining NSMS

WHO ARE WE? I do not anticipate NSMS will ever be the huge organization ASSE is (they've got a lock on the industry), and there's no need to be, but we may become perceived as an.. "American Society of Safety Management" or an "American Safety Quality Society" similar to the American Quality Society organization. We can focus on management, leadership, organizational development, organizational psychology, as they relate to safety.


WE ARE THE JOURNAL. The point is, hey, let's get the Journal of Safety Management going again. I would like to produce a style guide, and I think to get members and others motivated, we can have a call for papers.

WE ARE CONFERENCES. Our attempt to get a safety conference going is laudable, but I think February is not doable. We may want to think more strategically and shoot for something in 2008 or so. There is so much foot work involved in planning a conference. We need to conduct a call for papers for the conference too. Hey, I'd love to present at the conference. I've got a great track record and am well known in the NW.

P.S. September is the 40th Anniversary of NSMS.

What's your opinion. What direction should NSMS take in our second 40 years?

Steve Geigle